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Cinnamon is one of the most common spices in the world. But what we know less, the cinnamon that we find everywhere  is cassia, not the "real" cinnamon that comes from Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankan cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is much smoother and finer in taste. Cassia and cinnamon are also distinguished by their appearance: cassia is a roll of bark, while cinnamon is a hollow stick with small strips thinner and more fragile than cassia.

Among Ceylon cinnamon, there are different qualities regulated by ISO standards. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka is usually sold in C5 quality (large sticks). The most delicate quality is the one we sell at Muziris: Alba quality. It is the cinnamon dream for pastry chefs, although it is more expensive than its cousin Cassia. 


Aroma : Honey, Fig, Rose


Use : at  grind in a blender to season your desserts. Or infuse a whole stick in a liquid dessert, or drink (tea,  Coffee)


Origin : Sri Lanka


Quality : premium, Alba 7cm

Ceylon Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

  • Our products are  100% natural and harvested in the traditional way. It is therefore normal that our peppers and spices are not all calibrated in size and color. These imperfections  are due to  natural factors such as variations in sun or rain during the season. Our products are not chemically treated. 

  • Our products are packaged away from light and at the ideal temperature for their conservation. We therefore favor sending by mail  fast  to limit transport time. We thank you for respecting the conservation advice for a better use of our products.

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