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In India,  Sri Lanka and Madagascar, green cardamom is undoubtedly the most popular spice, especially for its complex and intense taste. Of all the varieties of cardamom, the Himalayan green cardamom that we offer is the seed traditionally used in India. Pods are dried immediately after picking  to keep their scent and bright green color. To guarantee a higher level of quality, this cardamom is collected in the regions of the South Himalayan in the North-East of India, in Nepal and in Bhutan. It grows in a cold and humid environment, in the shade of vegetation, at an altitude between 800-2000m. 

Use sparingly, green cardamom provides gentle diffused heat in teas, desserts, but also in curries, Indian dahls (lentil soups). Cardamom goes perfectly with saffron. In India, it is also used to freshen the breath after a meal. 


Proportion : 1 to 2 cardamom seeds per person


Aroma : Warm sweetness, Lemon, Flower, Mint, Pepper


Use : at  use whole. It is also possible to remove the husk and use the black seeds which carry the aroma of cardamom. Saffron Rice Recipe, or Yogi Tea


Origin : South Himalayas, India


Quality : giant, 8-9mm per seed

Green Cardamom

  • Our products are  100% natural and harvested in the traditional way. It is therefore normal that our peppers and spices are not all calibrated in size and color. These imperfections  are due to  natural factors such as variations in sun or rain during the season. Our products are not chemically treated. 

  • Our products are packaged away from light and at the ideal temperature for their conservation. We therefore favor sending by mail  fast  to limit transport time. We thank you for respecting the conservation advice for a better use of our products.

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