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Our best-sellers in a box that takes you to the four corners of the world! We love them! We sublimate them in recipes! Our favorite spices to share with you our passion for cooking completely different culinary worlds!

- Voatsiperifery Pepper: because it all started with it! A real explosion of flavors and a revelation, the first to be tasted in Madagascar. It remains our favorite pepper, with its taste of earth/terroir, a treat!

- Sel Muziris: a salt/pepper mixture with Loumi lemon, which brings citrus notes like you have never tasted before. We love it because the Loumi lemon can also go well with savory dishes (as here in a ready-to-use salt/pepper), or in desserts (like a revisited lemon pie)

- the Pistachio Dukkah: OMG ! this mixture is incredible because it is enough on its own, just a piece of bread dipped in olive oil and you melt...... Mandatory!

- the Satay Mix: a mix that everyone likes, young and old, but still too little known in France (street food in Bali). Not very spicy, you can always "break" the spiciness with a coconut sauce (see our recipe)

- Chimichurri: a fresh and powerful mixture, traditionally used in Argentina to accompany meat. It can be converted back into a condiment for everything! .... replacing our dear mustard :) for example. A must to always have at home!

Around the World Gift Box

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