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Our smoked paprika is made with medium bell peppers from Spain, with a sweet and woody taste. The smoked paprika from Spain is the most famous with its smoky aromas of fruity peppers. This paprika is not spicy, but nevertheless brings peppery notes that characterize the paprika made from top quality peppers. This paprika goes wonderfully with potatoes, chicken, or in a paella. 


Proportion: 2g / person


Aroma : Smoky, Sweet, Pepper


Use : to use in a marinade for meat, or sprinkle directly on your already cooked dishes.


Origin : Spain


Quality : AA, finely ground

Smoked Paprika

PriceFrom €3.10
  • Our products are  100% natural and harvested in the traditional way. It is therefore normal that our peppers and spices are not all calibrated in size and color. These imperfections  are due to  natural factors such as variations in sun or rain during the season. Our products are not chemically treated. 

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